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A Light Passes Through



Title: A Light Passes Through  

Year: 2010
Painting Size: 30 x 21 cm
Frame Size: 48 x 39 cm ( Premium anti-reflective glass Artglass AR 70TM )
Technique: Permanent markers over photographic paper.
Inspirational Quote:

“The perpetuation of ignorance is a most grievous form of oppression; it reinforces the many walls of prejudice that stand as barriers to the realization of the oneness of humankind… Access to knowledge is the right of every human being, and participation in its generation, application and diffusion a responsibility that all must shoulder in the great enterpri- se of building a prosperous world civilization—each individual according to their talents and abi- lities. Justice demands universal participation.“

Universal House of Justice

Background: Straight luminous lines, that are painted individually, come from one central point and are spread in every direction passing through the many barriers in its path. True

knowledge (both spiritual, intellectual and material) is like a light that is able to go through any frontier and limitation, bringing us to higher horizons of development, happiness and progress. And it allows every one of us to put this knowledge in practice to the betterment of our environ- ment.


Price:£500 (framed)