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Elena Grish is a Spanish abstract and multidisciplinary artist based in London, England. With a background in architecture, dance and education, she studied a masters in multidisciplinary arts and philosophy at the Fine Art Centre (Círculo de Bellas Artes) , Madrid, Spain. There she found her love for conceptual and abstract painting and drawing.

What happens if we link an idea to a shape and a combination of colors? Elena works creating art that embellishes our houses and spaces and at the same time inspires us with deep thoughts. Her abstract  and conceptual paintings are a reflection of the different but essential principles of our reality as human beings. A reality that combines material, spiritual and intellectual elements of life.

Her main art work explores the concept of the power of unity in diversity, using a technique that works with free-hand lines and ink (“line by line Technique”). Individuals lines may not be perfect replicas of each other, neither perfect themselves, but when they come together they create a united pattern that mirrors human unity in diversity.

Every piece of artwork of Elena is unique and unrepeatable. 

As a performer, she linked again high inspirational ideas with dance, music, poetry and plastic art. She has collaborated with museums, art galleries and plastic artists and the well-known spanish sculptors Paco Ariza y Rafael Belmonte.