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Contact Points

Title: Contact Points     Year: 2014        

Painting Size: 42 x 30 cm

Technique: “line by line” with black Ink over Canson paper

Frame: frame non included in the price

Technique: “line by line” with black Ink over Canson paper 

(In the “line by line technique” all the lines are drawing one by one: with the help of a ruler in the case of straight lines, and by freehand intuitive lines in the case of curves)

Inspirational Quote:  “Everything in the world could be found in the points of contact between them: all the ins and outs of the tides, the pulsations of stars in the sky, and the running of wolves across the cold north—all part of the same rhythm. This one. Theirs.”  

Traci Chee

Price: £250 (unframed)

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