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Hidden Gems

Title: Hidden Gems    

Year: 2019
Painting Size: 90 x 65 cm

Frame Size: 111 x 85 cm ( Premium anti-reflective glass Artglass AR 70TM )
Technique: White Ink over Canson green paper
Inspirational Quote:

“Regard man as a mine, rich in gems of inestimable value. Education can, alone, cause it to reveal its treasures, and enable mankind to benefit there from.”


Background: Structured lines coming together to provide a frame for the development of a gem. The gem is a symbol of our inner capacities. Using more than 10.000 ethereal white ink lines painted individually, this work reflects on how education provides us with the structures that allow every human being to crystalize the powers and capacities inherent in himself. Belonging to a series of paintings created only with white ink, this art work possesses a subtle contrast and visibility, and is created to force us to make an effort to appreciate the shape. All this, as an analogy of how we should learn to bring our attention towards the rich potentiality hidden in every human being and child. One that can be made into reality through education. The 4 triangles in the corners represent the 4 pillars that support the development of the individual – community, the family, the institutions and individual efforts.


Price: £2.600 (framed)

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