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Invisible Forces


Title: Invisible Forces 

Year: 2018       

Painting Size: 100 x 70 cm

Technique: “line by line” with white ink over Canson parchment paper

(In the “line by line technique” all the lines are drawing one by one: with the help of a ruler in the case of straight lines, and by freehand intuitive lines in the case of curves)

Inspirational Quote:  

As it is not yet shown while the child is in the womb of its mother, what its condition will be, whether it will have all the gifts of God or not, whether it will be perfect in all its members or not, whether it will be blind, or deaf, or dumb — but afterwards, when it enters the world, then it becomes clearly apparent if it is defective or not — so it is with the soul in this present state. Its perfection or its lackness is not understood until it enters the heavenly kingdom; then it is clearly seen, and then the soul understands whether or not it is lacking in the gifts of God.”


Price: £2.500 (unframed)