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Spaces Exhibition

INSTALLATION TITTLE: Space Transform in to Time.

9th June 2016.

Place: Rey Juan Carlos University. Madrid.

Authors: Eena Grish, Manuel Fernández Pollán and Miguel Ángel de la Morena del Olmo.

About The Exhibition

Collective Installations art exhibition at Rey Juan Carlos University facilities in Madrid. The exhibition called Spaces is a reflection of twelves artists about the concept of the word space, and the different ways to use it and understad what does space is.

About The Installation

This installation is called: space transformed in to time. We create a fluid river made of polyurethane panels, and transformed it into pure time. The matter converted into motion.

Works in Works Exhibition


15th March 2016.

Collective art exhibition at Circle of Fine Arts, Madrid.

About The Exhibition

Works in Works collective is an art exhibition curated by SUR Collective at Circle of Fine Arts in Madrid on May 2016.

An exhibition inspired by Kandinsky work and his fascination for art, no matter the process point of the artwork by the time of the opening to public. 20 artist challenge them self to exhibit a set of non-finished artworks.

About Matrix Dancer Installation:

¿Which is the matrix of a dancer?

A dance installation made of water color paintings, a ballet shoes composition and a dance performance.

Exhibition Puro Sur


30th June 2016.

PlaceFine Arts Circle (CBA) Madrid

About Puro SUR Exhibition

Puro Sur exhibition show the art work of the twelve multidisciplinary artists graduated at SUR. School of Artistic Professions ‘s master.

A selection of special art pieces from different art fields based on a philosophical content.

About exhibited

Infinito Uno art work exhibited is a composition of photography, thought and paintings. A visual exhibition of Infinito Uno Dance Project (go HERE to know more about the project). The composition include ten photos whith text about ten of the dace concept developed in the project, and two handmade geometry paintings (infinity / one), thath complete the exhibition of Elena Grish called